Today is Saturday August 27, 2016



What Define Us

The solutions that we provide are Customer-driven: "What does the Client Want?". We embrace diverse business environments, rather than imposing the standardized regimen of an analogous healthcare solution.

Define Us

It was those intentions that gave rise to our "FLEXI-HEALTH Protect".

Flexi-Health Protect

  • Members can access the services of their preferred doctor.
  • No cash-out for members using a highly extensive professional network.
  • Adequate and above HMO standard limits that are designed to cover reimbursement claims.

Corporate Hightlights

  • EastWest is currently servicing a steady portfolio of more than 70,000 members nationwide, and still growing.
  • Thus far, we are servicing close to 230 companies, both multinational and domestic conglomerates, under the HMO and TPA alike
  • 490 Accredited Hospital & Clinics all over the country for members to avail benefits on a "No-Cash Outlay" basis
  • Backed-up by more than 6,500 noteworthy Accredited Medical Practitioners at the frontline
  • Holds a network of some 314 Dental Practitioners
  • Infinite number of facilities where you can avail the services of an "Out-Of-Network" coverage